Frank Robbins

It seems that I’ve always been fascinated by light and all that it reveals.  When I was four my favorite thing to do was visit the field of broken glass at the glass factory that was near our house.  I recall moving my head back-and-forth to make the reflections off the shards change.  I didn’t own a camera until I was 35.  But, once I started taking photos I was infatuated by the process and the results.  Now that I’m much older I am still captivated by the light, but I have found many ways to retain the images I’ve seen.  I still look forward to pursuing and capturing new scenes, but now I am glad I can share those images with others. 

Suhail Mir

I try to capture moments that evoke a sense of mystery.  Endlessly searching for magical light in rapidly changing weather conditions, my goal is to act at the moment that is most telling. I want to create images that make viewers feel happy and peaceful!

Nelson Pacheco

As a photographer, Nelson Pacheco is always looking for those special, fleeting, moments that he can capture.  His subject matter is primarily landscapes, but he’s also been fortunate to capture those magic moments in candid portraits of individuals.  Nelson has exhibited in multiple locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and won Best in Landscape Photography at the 2016 Nature Visions Photography Expo in Virginia. 

William Lanza

William Lanza’s goal in composing a scene is to evoke a feeling, an emotion, a thought, or capture the cultural similarities that unite us… In his travels, he concentrates his photography on presenting the diversity in cultures, and capturing nature, as it presents itself to us, in this wonderful planet we call home.  

Mark Kuhnke

Mark Kuhnke’s photography is about searching to find a composition. This is almost opposite of building your own composition, however, most of the same rules apply. Photography is an active process of thinking and seeing the elements contained in an image. His images show light, color, alignment and space. Photography lets him show others the way he sees the world, and sometimes forces him to experience new things.

George Newcomb

When George Newcomb moved to the DMV area, he found himself drawn to our rich cultural diversity and began photographing many ethnic festivals. In the last five years, he has become entrenched in the local Bolivian community and developed a love for the community’s folkloric dancing. He admires each dancer’s passion and energy in which they showcase their culture and heritage, and loves how they instill that culture in young dancers who have never been to the homeland of their roots.  George has traveled to Bolivia eight times within the last three years. The three photos on exhibit here represent a small glimpse of life in Bolivia.

Kimberly Stowell

Kimberly Stowell’s photography is an expression of her love of seeing and experiencing new things. She loves how a camera gives her the opportunity to capture a fleeting moment forever. When she looks back on photos she’s taken years ago, it brings her back to the beauty and the emotion she felt in that place.  Her love for photography and travel truly go hand in hand, Kimberly can’t imagine one without the other. 

Rainy Brooks

Rainy Island Brooks delights in viewing the world through an imaginative lens, and seeks to reflect whimsical, fantastical, and unique perspectives in her photography.  Her favorite compliment was being told that “Life is always more fun through your lens”, as that is exactly what she strives for in her photography.  Rainy’s focus is on good composition first and foremost, and she imbues vibrant color to enhance the visual impact of her photos.  She is passionate about capturing the ever-changing canvas of cloudscapes, the symmetry and balance of architecture, and the wildly vivid colors of the botanic world in her photography.  As she continues to improve her photographic skills, Rainy will always seek out the element of fun, for inspiration and joy.

Jaime England

Jaime England is a hobby photographer who has been capturing life’s magical moments for over 20 years. Bringing to light the beautiful simplicity that exists in the daily lives of all of us is her passion. She aims to save forever the memories we each take for granted while we’re living them, but that we always remember fondly years later. She prefers to use natural light and does not like to forcibly pose her subjects. When shooting, she plays the role of the observant fly on the wall, who happens to have a camera.

Sarah Beer Clemens

Since she was young, Sarah Beer Clemens has pursued photography as a hobby. She has developed her skills through participating in workshops on photography offered through libraries, taking a photography class at a rec center and offering pro bono family photo shoots. She is currently a member of the Prince William Photography Club. She loves the outdoors and primarily enjoys photographing nature: flowers, butterflies, landscapes, and water. However, she also enjoys capturing her children on camera and the various events that happen throughout the year.