Studies have shown that the arts can activate pathways in the brain to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and improve mood.

ARTfactory is offering classes and workshops in visual and performing arts with an emphasis on health and well-being. Our ARTful Wellness Series is open to the public. All Artful Wellness classes are offered at a discounted rate. However, through the generosity of funding provided by UVA Health, we are offering classes and workshops for free to those who are referred to us through a healthcare provider or otherwise qualified professional. Free referral spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. See our referral form below if interested. If you feel you fit the parameters for free tuition but do not have someone to refer you, please email

The 2024 Class & Workshop Selection Includes:

  • Drumming for focus and relaxation (Ages 10+)
  • Family Theatre Games (All Ages)
  • Family TAP (Ages 6+)
  • Intro to Your Speaking Voice (Ages 15+)
  • Jewelry Making (Ages 13+)
  • Meditative Spirals (Ages 13+)
  • Neurographic Art (Ages 13+)
  • Return to Inner Peace (Ages 15+)
  • Swing Dance (Ages 15+)
  • Telling Your Story Through Art (Ages 13+)
  • Watercolor loose and Expressive (Ages 15+)
  • The Art of the Zentangle Method (Ages 13+)
For more information on our Wellness Series, or to register for a class, use the interactive catalog below. Click on the class dates to register.


*The Artful Wellness series classes and workshops are scheduled as group events and are not intended to be individualized instruction. If you, or someone you are recommending for one of the classes needs special assistance, such as one-on-one or personalized attention, please email us at or call us at 703-330-2787 so we can arrange additional instruction during the course.