Exhibit Dates:
December 15-January 30, 2024

A special thank you to our sponsors: Micron, The Poet Laureate Circle, and the Prince William Photography Club for making this program possible. Thank you also to our wonderful judges for sharing your time and expertise.

Photography Category
1st Place: Kearstin Safford, “Rumination”, Gainesville, 12th Grade
2nd Place: Natalie Chunn, “Flowers”, Gainesville, 10th Grade
3rd Place: Elizabeth Brittingham, “Framework”, Colgan, 12th Grade

Honorable Mention:
James Jensen, “Ember Rain”, Homeschool, 12th Grade
Ian Ortiz, “The Lonely Beach”, Colgan, 12th Grade

Art & Technology
1st Place: Lyndsey Mccuen, “Getting Older”, Gainesville, 12th Grade
2nd Place: Chuni Zhang, “To set fire”, Battlefield, 12th Grade
3rd Place: Kathryn Quintiliano, “Life Before The Light”, Colgan, 12th Grade

Honorable Mention:
Isaiah Minnis, “Alter Ego”, Gainesville, 12th Grade

Poetry Category
1st Place: Ashley Bland, “When Poets Dream”, Osbourn, 11th Grade
2nd Place: Isabella Carter, “Cement”, Colgan, 11th Grade
3rd Place: Aidan Sadler, “The Poetic Twist”, Colgan, 12th Grade

Painting & Drawing Category
1st Place: Denise Kamgaing Guiadem, “Home”, Acrylic on canvas, Colgan, 12th Grade
2nd Place: Ava Schelling, “Descension”, Graphite, Woodbridge, 11th Grade
3rd Place: Gabriela Molina Otaiza, “Zoo”, Mixed media (acrylic paint and fabric), Colgan, 12th Grade

Madison Gibbs, “Uncomfortable Emotions”, Acrylic on paint paper, Colgan, 12th Grade
Jai Park, “Lia”, Oil pastel, Gainesville, 12th Grade

Wearable Art
1st Place: Zahila Subzwari, “Dramatic Reflections of Emotions”, Colgan, 10th Grade
2nd Place: Hannah Durham, “Elegant Disaster”, Forest Park, 12th Grade
3rd Place: James Jensen, “Ace of Diamonds”, Homeschool, 11th Grade