Due to the current circumstances, the One Love Juried Art Exhibit is being displayed as an online exhibition available for viewing here on the One Love Art & Music Festival website (onelovemanassas.com/visual arts -The pieces are available for purchase!).

Click here for a complete list of all accepted entries.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 One Love Juried Art Exhibit! Thank you to Jonathan Linton for adjudicating!

1st Place:
A Surreal Ring by Debra Keirce
Medium – Oil on Panel

“There is a bravery in attempting to represent a scene that is physically impossible – an artistic swing for the fences. This painting is successful in bringing together disparate objects in a manner evoking curiosity and personal interpretation.” 

Judge, Jonathan Linton
2nd Place:
Old Fashion #1 by Raydel Blanco-Valdes
Medium – Acrylic on Canvas

“Leaving out the passengers makes this painting rise above simple nostalgic imagery. Rather than being a glimpse into someone else’s drive-in enjoyment, its optimistically shiny and colorful presentation seems to be served up solely for the viewer’s visual indulgence.”

Judge, Jonathan Linton
3rd Place:
Dark Hollow Falls Illuminated #5 by Janet Hansen Martinet
Medium – Watercolor and Ink

“As I look at the vibrating line quality I feel the filtered sunlight and twisting of happy leaves. The water, not outlined, looks like it too is in motion, and the color scheme quenches my thirst for nature. This is a place where I can rest and be happy, where the volume level gets turned way down on one’s troubles (except for a nagging desire to see Illuminations 1 through 4 too!).”

Judge, Jonathan Linton
Honorable Mention:
Grace by Marci Green
Medium – Oil on Canvas

The human figure is difficult to portray convincingly, but not only is this painting a convincing portrayal of a dancer – its painterly strokes of varying thicknesses create their own pas de duex between form and line.”

Judge, Jonathan Linton
Honorable Mention:
I Saw the Figure 520 in Gold by Janet Hansen Martinet
Medium – Watercolor

“Complimentary bouncing colorations transform a potentially uninspiring subject into a visual candy store. This painting maintains the subject’s structure while at the same time delighting us with what appears to first glance to be free-flowing and free-wheeling color.  Well done.”

Judge, Jonathan Linton
Manassas Award (OTBA):
Framing History by Carla Kutzlo
Medium – Digital Photography
Not For Sale

“I am moved by the photograph “Framing History” which includes a depiction of the Union monument at the site of the first major battle of the Civil War.  The layers of reflected and direct imagery, outlined in geometric shapes, speak to the composition of history, the future, and our place in both.  This is a photograph to both enjoy and contemplate.”

Judge, Jonathan Linton