With many figurative images reflected, Myth, Mythology, the Ghost Particle and the Birth of a Star are all topics Caleb Fletcher explores in his finely wrought graphite and color pencil images. He holds a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University in NY where the School of Art and Design has provided a long known history of connecting art, science and technology. Join him Friday, November 4 from 6-8pm for the opening reception during the Historic Downtown Manassas Gallery Walk. Caleb’s work will be on display in the Caton Merchant Family Gallery at the Center for the Arts from November 2-December 9.

Artist Statement

My work is an effort to craft modern mythology out of appreciation for the sublime. By interweaving ancient ideas like alchemy, transcendentalism and creation tales with modern scientific fields like quantum physics, string theory, and astronomy I hope to create a mythology for our day and age.

Overall, I try to convey a sense of the sublime- an 18th century notion of human astonishment in the face of the natural world’s power. This concept gained favor among painters and writers during the 1700s for its synergy of horror and harmony when describing nature. The subject of 18th century work on the sublime often centered around features of the earth that commanded absolute attention due to sheer scale, most predominantly mountains and oceans.

However, in the face of the 21st century’s scientific revelations in astronomy and the subatomic world, I have turned my eye also towards the heavens above and the microcosm that lies unseen across all existence. With our modern capabilities the vast scope of the universe and its workings are more discernible to us today, but they are no less astonishing and intimidating than the grand vistas that artists regarded reverently centuries ago. Perhaps even moreso, as I feel there is a spiritual experience waiting for those who glance upwards and inwards with awe.

-Caleb Fletcher