Magical Moments
Prince William Photography Club (PWPC)

Exhibit dates: May 6-June 5 (Online Exhibit only)

Most of the photographs are for sale as prints on 20”x30″ canvas suitable for hanging. Prints available in other sizes by request. Shipping is available. Contact for all purchase inquiries.

In our busy routines we often take for granted the visual beauty that passes in front our eyes. Although we may occasionally note a passing scene, we don’t often have the time to dwell on the magical moments we experience. This exhibit aims to inspire and enrich the lives of our audience by presenting those emotional, thought-provoking magical moments in a way that compels the viewer to stop and engage with the scene that was captured by the lens. The photographer’s eye combined with the camera lens can capture those serendipitous magical moments at just the right instant of time, or from just the right angle. 

The Prince William Photography Club (PWPC) is a nonprofit organization whose collective goal is to educate the public in the art of photography through workshops, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, and photo safaris. PWPC aims to provide rewarding experiences for those wishing to improve technical and artistic photography abilities, and to promote the art of photography through community engagement. The PWPC includes members ranging from beginners through advanced and professional photographer.

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Prints available in other sizes by request. Contact for all purchase inquiries.