Artist Martin Cervantez Scheduled to Host Public Art Project at the ARTfactory

Date: Sunday, August 18, 1 pm-4 pm
Location: ARTfactory (1st Fl Gallery), 9419 Battle St., Manassas, VA 20110

In celebration of Martin Cervantez’s current solo exhibition at the ARTfactory, we are hosting a FREE collaborative public art project on Sunday, August 18, 1-4 pm. Much of Martin’s life work incorporates found objects repurposed into new art forms, creating unique pieces with a variety of textures and shapes. His unrestricted artistic process is the inspiration behind this public art project. He will guide you as you work as a group to create a multi-media sculpture to be placed in Old Town Manassas. No artistic experience or background required.

About the Artist
Martin Cervantez enlisted in the Army Signal Corps in July 1986 as an illustrator, and it has drastically shaped his life ever since. Martin’s artwork and perspective are a direct result of these trying experiences. As a previous Artist in Residence at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, Martin was responsible for capturing the history of the army through his art, but since his deployment, he has found that he can utilize art as a therapeutic tool for recovery and self-discovery. Resilience and Rebirth is a visual exploration of Martin’s art therapy journey, and how its continued use has contributed to a whole new body of inspiring work: the Rebirth.

Artist Statement
My art is about a lot of different things, in whatever mediums I decide are appropriate to the subject matter, reference, and site specific considerations. My talent and skills are unrestricted, so therefore my choice of mediums is also unrestricted. I walk the earth freely, observing, experiencing, and creating. The greatest gift to the creator, is the creative.  I create, and I share my gifts and love with all those who I encounter. Mind, body and spirit are the areas in which my work has assumed its roles. Meditation, assemblage, and representation are the main components which comprise my life’s work.