Exhibit Dates:
December 15-January 30, 2024

Open House:
The “Off the Wall” Open House has been rescheduled to Saturday, January 13, 2-4 pm due to the expected inclement weather.
(ARTfactory, 9419 Battle St, Manassas)

What is “Off the Wall”?
The highly anticipated Off the Wall competition returns for its 20th year! Each year the area high school students are invited to share their talent by participating in a high school art exhibit and competition presented by ARTfactory. The competition encourages student expression and creativity in a professional setting. The exhibit includes student work in the following categories: Art & Technology, Painting/Drawing, Poetry, Wearable Art, and Photography!  

Chuni Zhang (Art and Technology)

Ryiah Rand (Art and Technology)
Kathryn Quintiliano (Art and Technology)
Aidan Sadler (Poetry)
Isabella Carter (Poetry)
Denise Kamgaing Guiadem (Painting & Drawing)
Emlyn Monti (Poetry)
Gabriela Molina Otaiza (Painting & Drawing)
Madison Gibbs (Painting & Drawing)
Paula Cuellar Diaz (Painting & Drawing)
Sofia Smirnova (Painting & Drawing)
Daniella Dinch (Wearable Art)
Eleanor Gondek (Wearable Art)
Emma Kuhn (Wearable Art)
Zahila Subzwari (Wearable Art)
Madeline-Marie Myrick (Wearable Art)
Andrew Miarer (Photography)
Elizabeth Brittingham (Photography)
Ian Ortiz (Photography)
Corinne Matthews (Photography)
Jennifer Jimenez Acosta (Photography)

Forest Park
Alyssa Komlos (Art and Technology)
James Dallek (Photography)
Hannah Durham (Photography and Wearable Art)

Carter Logsdon-Lowe (Art and Technology)
Lyndsey Mccuen (Art and Technology)
Rebecka Hanner (Art and Technology)
Isaiah Minnis (Art and Technology)
Hailey Marable (Painting & Drawing)
Janice Wong (Painting & Drawing)
Toba Yaqobi (Painting & Drawing)
Jai Park (Painting & Drawing)
Joseph Sheikh Barrientos (Photography)
Natalie Chunn (Photography)
Kearstin Safford (Photography)

James Jensen (Wearable Art and Poetry)

Emily Oliveira Irvin (Painting & Drawing)

Ashley Bland (Poetry)
Daniela Escamilla (Painting & Drawing)
Liam Sutphin (Wearable Art)
Jasmine Portillo Reyes (Wearable Art)
Chris Bonilla (Wearable Art)

Calista Drummond (Painting & Drawing)
Sophia Bencivenga (Painting & Drawing)

Ava Schelling (Painting & Drawing)


Art & Technology:
ie: 3-d printing/digital designs –
2-d digital designs (primarily created with computer software) are included in this category. Work must be printed and framed to hang on gallery walls or ARTfactory can provide gallery pedestals for display if the work is standalone sculptural (contact jexum@VirginiaARTfactory if pedestal is required for display). Entries must be submitted in .jpg format with a recommended resolution of 300 dpi.

Photography: Photos from mobile device cameras are eligible. Minor digital manipulation or alteration of content is permitted; however, please note: If the majority of the photograph is heavily manipulated/enhanced with software, your submission may be more appropriate for the Art & Tech. category. We recommend using a resolution of 300 dpi .jpg format to ensure the photograph is not grainy.

Painting/Drawing:Create an original painting/drawing using acrylic, watercolor, tempera, oil, pastel chalk, charcoal, colored pencils, graphite, etc. (or any combination of these) on a surface of your choosing (keep in mind all works must be framed). All paintings and drawings must be original artwork. Painting/Drawing pieces will be submitted electronically as high quality photographs, in .jpg format, of the original artwork. Images should show only the artwork, not any mats or frames. Note: Mixed media works are included in this category.

Enter a one-page poem and within the structure of the poem include the phrase:
When Poets Dream
Submission idea: Upload a video or audio clip of your poetry recitation for additional impact! Note: Central Library’s makerspace has a recording studio perfect for this!

*Please note: Students need to submit to this category via Dropbox. See “Submission Instructions” for more info. The 1st place poetry winner will be invited to recite their poem at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, January 6.
Wearable Art

Make something different in 3-D! You’ll     get to show off during the “Off the Wall”   Awards Ceremony at ARTfactory, January 6, 2024. This category is judged on site.

Contest rules for wearable “art”:
– make something original that can be worn, either you or your own selected model will wear the art for judging purposes at the “Off the Wall” Open House.
– use a layer of clothing underneath to build your art, around or attached, and be able to easily get in and out of it. Test what works: shorts and a loose top, a jumpsuit, short dress or tights and a top.
-use at least 50% recycled materials

Show up at 2:15 pm at the “Off the Wall” Awards Ceremony. You can wear or bring your wearable art with you, and we will allow you a private space on our second floor to change.