René Dickerson: A Retrospective
Art Exhibit at the ARTfactory

Exhibit dates: January 26-March 27, 2021
9419 Battle St., Manassas, VA 20110

Viewing by appointment.
Contact for appointment availability & purchase inquiries. Prints/originals available for purchase.

Online Exhibit

The ARTfactory is pleased to present the cumulative work of nationally acclaimed artist René Dickerson in his first retrospective exhibition.

A love affair with a brush and canvas is the best way to describe René Dickerson’s life. His passion to create, has led him down a road filled with lines, shapes and colors that hold the world captivated.  René started on this path as a young child in the 1960’s with his father who was an avid art lover. René was exposed to artists in the San Francisco Bay Area by his father who took him to studios to watch the masters of day creating beautiful works of art. The senior Dickerson had a dream for his son because he named him after surrealist René Magritte. René has a self-taught, natural ability for art that has developed to a masterful level.

He paints characters from all cultures and scenes to express the richness of life. Appreciating the way they embraced their gift, Dickerson’s inspiration comes from the art of Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, many modern-day artists, as well as things of everyday life.

René’s body of work spans more than four decades with various awards and accolades from the art world. He uses acrylic on canvas in a masterful marriage of colors that reaches each person on a unique level. His work is included in the collections of Thomas Moorhead, owner of BMW of Sterling,
VA, Berry Gordy, Otis Williams and many others. He is currently working on the Temptations 60th Anniversary brand logo.

René’s paintings have appeared in national award- winning exhibits. The ongoing visibility, popularity and demand for his art have enabled him to work with many organizations on projects concerning business, children, and family issues.

“The life of an artist can be very fulfilling, because an artist’s works can inspire future generations.” René has so much to offer to future artists. His hope is that he might one day inspire a budding artist like so many artists inspire him.

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Instagram: @VirginiaARTfactory