ARTfactory and LAREXPO to Feature Artists and Artisans in “The Art of Latin America” Art Exhibit at ARTfactory

Exhibit dates: November 3 – November 30, 2023

Latin American Cultural Expo: Friday, Nov. 3, 4 – 9 pm
Artist Reception: November 18, 6 – 8 pm

Exhibition Summary
ARTfactory and LAREXPO are partnering to promote Latin American work and present a beautiful and unique exhibition for the surrounding community. This exhibit features five painters and a selection of artisan vendors. Each artist and artisan’s creation represents a different country from Latin America, including Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Peru and Guatemala. The exhibiting artists include David Amoroso, Pepe Piedra Inkarasta, Marvin Iraid, Walter Perez, and Bengie Rodriguez. The artisans included in this exhibit are Artesanias Rosy LLC, Milena Guro, Seavar, Sfera, and Wanaan Colombian Handicrafts. Explore multiple facets of Latin American culture in this dynamic month-long exhibition at ARTfactory!

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage and the opening of “The Art of Latin America” exhibit, ARTfactory and LAREXPO are partnering to host a Latin American Cultural Expo on Friday, November 3, 4 to 9 pm. This free arts and culture event includes food vendors, artisans, painters, & more. Learn more at

Featured Artists:
David Amoroso
David Amoroso shares his “Pop Art” aesthetic through painting, photography, and block and screen-printing. Although the majority of David’s work is dedicated to painting portraits of cultural icons, he also represents everyday people and addresses social justice through his art. The influence of Mexico and Central America are apparent in his bold color palette, and he upholds traditional cultural artistries such as Papel Picado, altars for Día de los Muertos and Guatemalan Alfombras de Aserrín. David Amoroso has exhibited in the DC Metro area, New York, California, Mexico, and Central and South America. His work is frequently highlighted in cultural events, festivals and Smithsonian programs.

Pepe Piedra
Pepe is a Peruvian artist and graduated in Fine Arts School in Lima and Trujillo – Peru, working in Oil, Acrylics and Mixed Media. His job is to promote and spread the Andean and Afro-Peruvian Culture around the world. He is a defender of cultural diversity and the preservation of the ancestral traditions of his country. He says, “In my paintings, reality loses its usual borders, both internal and external”. He works within a style called “New Andean Surrealism”. He lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, and has exhibitions all arround DMV and different countries around the world.

Marvin Iraid

Marvin Iraid was born in San Miguel, EL Salvador and now resides in Annapolis, Maryland. Painting is a passion that engulfs him, captures him, and launches him into the unknown. He chooses to mix techniques, explore textures, illuminating faces and validating context. Marvin Iraid has shown his artwork at the EL Salvadoran Embassy in Washington, D.C., the EL Salvadoran Consulate in Potomac, Virginia for the Celebration of EL Salvador month. He was the artist for the film “Sueños Llegales” and he was commissioned to paint a portrait of the current EL Salvadoran, president, Najib Bukele.

Walter Perez

Walter Sacarías Pérez López was born in Aldea las Nubes, San Martín Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango Guatemala. With the help of a foreign organization called XELA A.I.D., Walter received a scholarship sponsored by foreign artist, Kevin Macpersson, to study painting in San Pedro la Laguna Sololá, Guatemala under the tutorship of a prestigious local painter, Mariano Gonzales Chabajay. Later he studied for a year at the Humberto Garavito Art School in the department of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, where Walter was mentored by internationally recognized artists Eduardo Sac (sculptor) and Rolando Aguilar, painter and director of the art school.

Bengie Rodriguez

Benjamin Rodriguez was born in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. He paints in watercolor and acrylic. His paintings capture the beauty and essence of daily living in his hometown’s ancestral homes, flower fields, and oceanside escapes. You can feel the warmth of the island through his use of color and light.

Featured Artisans:
Decoupage is an ancestral decorative art form made with paper and other materials. It is an art form used in Evelyn’s beautiful country of Guatemala and she have been given the opportunity to share it outside of Guatemala’s borders. Founder Evelyn Rodriguez’s artwork is made with a variety of painting techniques such as crackling, marbleization, solid colors, and paper napkins specifically used for decoupage applied to recycled objects such as glass bottles, CDs, wood, and eggshells which complement each other and together create a more pleasing appearance. The main idea of Evelyn’s artwork is to do her part to make our planet a better place for future generations thorough the act of recycling.

Artesanias Rosy LLC
Artesanias Rosy was started in 2019 with the purpose of sharing the traditional crafts from Mexican culture. Founder, Rosalia De La Trinidad, has made it her mission to share the beauty of the arts and crafts made by Mexican hands. In Mexican Spanish these arts and crafts are collectively called “Artesanias”. The term was invented in the 20th century to help distinguish the merchandise made by traditional methods from merchandise made from industrial methods. Rosalia De La Trinidad feels very committed to the development of her project that has become a reality, and that is how Artesanias Rosy was born, from Mexico to world.

Wanaan Colombian Handicrafts
At Wanaan, we are proud to offer a range of beautifully handcrafted homewares and accessories that have been carefully crafted by skilled artisans in communities across Colombia. Our commitment to working directly with these artisan communities allows us to bring authentic, high-quality products to our customers while also supporting the traditional skills and techniques of these talented creators.

Milena Guro
In 2016, CEO and change maker, Maria Elena Guzman founded the Milena Guro brand with the desire  to promote the beautiful craftsmanship of her native Peru and breath life into her designs.  Maria Elena,  with little capital and perseverance, built her business based on personal relationships in her community through door-to-door sales.  Eventually participating in farmer’s markets, local festivals and international events. Peruvian craftsmanship,  community relationships, environmental protection and social equity are Milena Guros’ founding pillars;  contributing  to the welfare and development of Peruvian artisan communities. Milena Guro creates numerous one-of-a-kind jewelry collections, incorporating gemstones, quartz, crystal beads and natural stones combined with .950 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold.  Each piece is inspired by traditional  cultures.  Milena Guro  has been awarded and recognized for preserving and promoting  cultural traditional values and craftsmanship. In 2019, Maria Elena began her efforts to organize and empower indigenous artisans across all trades, all over Latin America through partnerships and mentorship opportunities.  As part of a larger initiative to preserve and celebrate Latino cultural treasures from which, LAREXPO, Latin-American Artisans and Entrepreneurs Expo, was born.

Indigo Fashion Wear
Adriana Amado is proudly Colombian, a marketing professional, entrepreneur, lover of empowerment of women’s, fashion, and faithful believer that you can go as fast as you set your mind. CEO of Indigo Fashion Wear, which was created thinking about making a difference with the way you dress. Adriana is in favour of expressing yourself through outfits and putting your personal mark on it to make a difference. Since 2019, Indigo has been working on designing handmade summer clothing, personalized jackets and accessories. They work with mothers who are heads of household in Colombia for production and perfection in every detail to deliver a product with quality and durable materials.

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