“Just Another Day” Group Art Exhibit by the Infinity Collective
Exhibit dates: June 20-July 27, 2024

Artist Reception: June 29, 6 pm-8 pm
(Free & open to the public)

Exhibit Summary
Just Another Day challenges the notion that Black women as artists are required to attach political narratives to their work. The exhibit explores the freedom to create artwork that is not laden with the required Black narratives of social Justice, racism, and equality. Instead, it is a visual representation of Black women claiming the space to simply exist and share and celebrate moments of the mundane. Just Another Day features the work of the following artists: Camilla Angel, Sanah Brown-Bowers, Shante Bullock, Bria Edwards, Artise Fletcher, Dany Green, Naomi Hanna, Joy Nutt, Reshada Pullen-Jireh, Liz Stewart, Chantae Sudlow, Candice Tavares, and Vanessa Villarreal.

The irony of this approach is that the very act of Black women working to create without the requirement of being political inherently makes the work political. The exhibition challenges the viewer to disconnect from the need to over explain the Black woman experience or only be able to find relatability within their work when linked with a social/political cause. Traditional celebrations of Black women’s artwork focus on othering and fetishism by making the lived experiences of the artists into bullet points for social change, rather than allowing space for existence without assigning a job to their identity.

The narratives explored in the works will instead concentrate on the joy of creating artwork and exploring creativity around culture and experience, while not pressuring the artists to be the voice of radical change or the educators. It is an invitation for self-awareness, prompting the viewer to assess the language they use in describing the exhibition pieces and the artists and their identities, and to forge new language and practice around the celebration and appreciation of the art. The works thematic content focuses on moments with family, moments of rest and relaxation, celebrations of culture that aren’t calls for action, the exploration of fashion, and images that may explore trauma from the perspective of human experience and not as Black bodies seeking respite.

The Infinity Collective
The works are curated by Zsudayka Nzinga, whose curatorial practice focuses on storytelling and the voices of Black women. The Infinity Collective was brought together through a grant from the Honfleur Gallery in DC which targeted programming relevant to Black women artists. The grant was sponsored by Sharon Gaultier who had an interest in supporting work from women artists in the DC area. The Infinity Collective selected 11 Black women from the DMV area who were emerging, practicing artists whose work explored Black culture, both rooted in America and cross diaspora identities. Assisted by fellow artist, Shante Bullock, the artists went through an 8-week business building workshop with guest speakers ranging from attorneys to art representatives.

A Note from the Curator, Zsudayka Nzinga
In writing this, I became keenly aware of how necessary it is to make sure that people know we aren’t countering narratives of need for political and social change. Rather, it seeks to validate calls for action by creating an opportunity to emerge in the daily experience of Black women and seek the value equally in the voices of the experiences and creative practices of artists while not requiring them to pander their value in social political causes. The challenge rests on the shoulders of the viewer acknowledging the requirements they personally place on not just the work of Black women, but all communities they identify as “other”.

The artwork is for sale.

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